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Justin Colby Is reaching 1500 deals 
 in his 13 year career 
in Real Estate Investing. 

He has wholesaled, wholetailed, and rehabbedin 6 major markets 
in 3 different states.
Hello, my name is Justin Colby. 

I have a top ranked real estate podcast on iTunes (The Science Of Flipping) and have trained thousands of investors just like you. 

I believe you have to go after what you deserve. To focus on
people, not goals, and to continue stepping forward regardless of any uncertainty. 

I subscribes to the belief that you must always make adjustments to achieve greatness. Aligning your actions with integrity and authenticity, and to focus on helping others achieve greatness.

And I want to share this ALL with YOU during these 5 Days Of LIVE Training!
The 5 DAY Challenge Starts July 6th!


  • How to use a set back like the current pandemic to ethically gain market share against your competitors 
  • The fastest strategy to get a deal right now.
  • How to find 250+ ACTIVE buyers right now, to buy your deals
  • How to find Real Motivated Sellers, without leaving your desk or spending thousands on marketing 
  • How to go from 1 deal to 3 deals a month with a simple process and strategy.


  • REI Masterclass T- SHIRT
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What the PROS have to Say:
"Justin is one of the best trainers in this space. He really  gives everything to his tribe."
- Brent Daniels (TTP)
"Justin's ability to connect with people and help  them understand what he is teaching, is unparallelled"
- Kent Clother (REWW)
"We have been in the trenches flipping homes in Phoenix for
over a decade, he is one of the best to do it."
- Sean Terry (Flip2Freedom)
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